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Melt, Mix and Bake…

La Cucina Butter Cake - Cake of the Day

Yes, anyone can bake…but it certainly is super easy when you have a couple of quick cake recipes you can rely on. Cakes made with the ‘melt and mix’ method are simple to whip up. Simply melt the butter and mix into the dry ingredients together with the eggs and milk, don’t overmix, and then [...]

Up the Salad Stakes…

Heirloom Tomato Salad

The smell of barbecuing meat is wafting all over the country at this time of year but if you want to make your barbie the best, then it’s the salads that can add colourful tastes and textures that will partner any type of chargrilled meat, be it beef, lamb, pork, chicken or even seafood. Here [...]

Smoked Salmon Asparagus with Dill Goat’s Cheese

We are in the thick of entertaining season…break out the bubbly! Tickle your guests’ fancy with tasty passarounds that will get the party started. A creamy artichoke dip with the bite of parmesan served warm with crunchy spiced pita crisps… Colourful ratatouille in dainty tartlets…(and, if you don’t have time, use store bought pastry tartlets [...]

Ham it up…

Classic Croque Monsieur

Well that huge hunk of Christmas ham certainly looked good on the Christmas table didn’t it? But now, if like me, you have a whole lotta ham to get through, here are a few savvy ideas to make use of the leftovers without going into ham overload… Start the day with a luxurious brekkie of [...]

Just Duck It…

Christmas is almost here…and if you want to serve something special but you’re not up to roasting a whole turkey….then duck is the answer. Duck is a very popular choice in a restaurant but people are often shy about cooking it at home. Honestly, if you can cook a roast a chook or panfry a [...]

A Clever Christmas…

Spinach, Basil and Ricotta Rotolo

Let’s face it, by the time we get to Christmas, we are usually so smashed by the end of the year that the thought of cooking up a big Christmas dinner can be daunting. That’s why I usually do Christmas dishes that include familiar Christmassy ingredients but with a clever twist that makes them easy [...]

Christmas Kilos…

Little Macadamia Glace Fruit Cakes

We all have a Christmas wishlist, but what is not on that wishlist is a few extra kilos… TIPS FROM THE FOODCENTRIC PODCAST – Episode 2 CHRISTMAS KILOS Here is a summary of some of the tips discussed on Episode 2 of the Foodcentric podcast – CHRISTMAS KILOS – with Foodcentric‘s Food Director, Naomi Crisante [...]

Smoked Salmon Dill Potato Salad

If there is one ingredient that says ‘luxury’, surely it is smoked salmon. I love everything about it from its beaming rosy pink colour and rippling texture, to the way it drapes so beautifully into elegant folds, its street cred as a lean but high quality protein source and, of course, its delicate but distinctive [...]

The Fat Chat

Asparagus and Olive Oil

There is no doubt that fat carries flavour and it has wonderful qualities for use in cooking but we do need to be sensible about it. TIPS FROM ‘THE FAT CHAT’ PODCAST Here is a summary of some of the tips discussed on The Fat Chat – Episode 1 of the Foodcentric podcast with Foodcentric‘s [...]