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Crisp Skin Fish with Capers, Pine Nuts and Garlic Spinach

Every time I travel to a Mediterranean country, I find it is very easy to enjoy fish and seafood almost daily due to its availability and how it is so well integrated into the diet of the people.  I guess eating seaside, a thing you can do on any part of the Mediterranean coastline, is […]

Among other things…I am a food stylist. Not many people know what a food stylist is, and to be honest, I never set out to become one.  I was very fortunate early in my career to have been given a chance, straight out of uni, by one of the best food stylists in Melbourne, if […]

You gotta love a lazy Sunday morning and with this cold weather, I am not one to go out for breakfast – I would rather make it at home myself in my pyjamas! Today we started the day with soft poached eggs perched on sourdough toast and creamy avocado with a dollop of good quality […]

Although Creole and Cajun food is not really big in Australia, I have wonderful memories of our time in New Orleans where I dragged my husband from one food mecca to another for soft shell crab at Paul Prudhomme’s, beignets at Cafe du Monde, prawn po boys at a local diner and the famous muffuletta […]

Who needs flowers?

Who needs flowers when a bowl of fresh produce can brighten up a room just as well? These little pumpkins looked so sweet sitting there in the afternoon sun, I couldn’t resist taking a pic.  

Everyone I know is busy and it’s sometimes difficult to juggle home, work and family and manage to get a home cooked meal on the table every night, but is it is possible. The answer is harnessing the power of the ‘cook up’. By cook up, I am simply referring to cooking several things at […]

Sometimes the local supermarket surprises you with something you don’t see everyday when you are thinking about what’s for dinner. That’s how I felt when I saw four little spatchcocks in the poultry section today (and they were on special for $3 each which was a bonus!). Truth be told, I went in looking for […]

So I really enjoyed the Pappardelle with Slow-roasted Lamb Ragú that I had at a local Italian Trattoria last night (even though it cost me close to $30 a serve!) and I wondered whether most diners realise that when they are ordering a very exotic sounding Ragú, rather than some mystery dish that requires the skill […]

Silky Apples…

This image is part of the Stones series by food stylist, Naomi Crisante and photographer, Louis Petruccelli. You can see the complete album of images on Naomi Crisante Food Communications’ Facebook page: