A Menu For Lovers…

A Menu For Lovers…

Cooking for someone you love, is a powerful way to show them your feelings without words.

That simple act of creating something to make someone else feel good by putting in your time and creativity is always appreciated.

Whether or not you subscribe to the idea of Valentine’s Day or not, my Lovers Menu is full of delicious tastes that will definitely make your loved one feel very special.

Plump prawns and smooth avocado with a creamy lime aioli…a perfectly seared steak scented with thyme jus and served simply with chargrilled asparagus…and little chocolate cakes with a soft centred heart and drunken prunes…

For drinks that create the perfect match, I recommend a Prosecco with the prawn cocktail, a Pinot Noir or Shiraz with the steak and a glass of Pedro Ximenez sherry or port with dessert.

The entree and dessert can also be mostly made in advance, which means you’ll spend less time in the kitchen, giving you more time for the important things…like good conversation!

Happy Valentines Day!

P.S. The Chocolate Fondants actually serve 4, as it is worth making a couple more, for the next day maybe? 😉

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