A Pasta with Spring In Its Step

A Pasta with Spring In Its Step

The cherry blossoms that line my street are in full bloom, welcoming Spring and you can feel that everyone’s mood is slowly lifting as well.

This feeling transfers into what we are cooking and eating too making this light, fresh-tasting pasta dish the perfect trans-seasonal recipe.

To be honest, it really started as a last minute toss together of stuff I had on hand – tuna and pasta in the pantry, peas in the freezer, feta in the fridge and basil in the garden – but it quickly turned into a dish that celebrates both simplicity and great flavour combinations.

I often use the oil drained from the tuna to sauté the spring onions, for a fuller flavour and the sprinkle of feta cheese is what gives it a creamy but sprightly burst too (and it fits with my love of blending Greek with Italian…lol)

Incidentally, pappardelle, flat ribbon like pasta, gets its name from the Italian word ‘pappare’ which means to ‘gobble up’ or ‘eat hungrily’…

Quite apt I say!

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