A Slice Of Salmon…

A Slice Of Salmon…

If you want a fast and flashy dinner, you can’t go past a nice piece of fish.

Beautifully pink and luscious to eat, a slice of salmon will appeal to the fussiest of fish eaters.

It is so readily available here in Australia, that you will even be able to grab a couple of pieces at your local supermarket at the last minute if need be.Just as quick as picking up that roast chook for dinner.

I like to keep the skin on and sear it well for a crispy contrasting texture and please try to leave the centre a little pink so it stays succulent.

Here are two recipes for salmon – one using the more traditional flavours of caper and herb on a creamy mash and, the other, an east meets west number that has restaurant quality presentation and taste.

Enjoy a slice soon…

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