A Very Foodie Gathering

A Very Foodie Gathering

Gathering people together to share beautiful food is one of my favourite things to do. I think that is why I was put on this earth. That’s why, my very first series of Foodcentric Cooking Classes was dubbed Foodcentric Gathering.

What a thrill it was to run these events in my home for the very first time last weekend. It was, for me, a very personal expression of my craft…my own recipes presented in my own kitchen, with my own brand of hospitality…and to have them matched with sensational wine from Scotchmans Hill, well, that was a bonus!

It was also, in many ways, me coming full circle, back to my roots as a cooking teacher. As I prepared for my demonstrations, I was filled with vibrant memories of running intensive cooking classes at the Gas Cookery Service to a packed auditorium with an audience of hundred keen food lovers over 30 years ago.

The thing about food is that you never stop learning, exploring and experimenting. It’s what keeps my curious soul interested. And being able to share this in some way, to beginners and seasoned cooks alike, is quite a privilege.

If you ask me what the best reward is…it’s when someone goes home and recreates one of my recipes, maybe adding their own touches too, giving pleasure to their family and friends. I can feel the ripples of happiness spreading, and that makes me very, very happy!


P.S. I will be running Foodcentric Cooking Classes across one weekend every few months, in keeping with the change of seasons, with recipes to match each seasonal theme. 

Come with a friend, as a couple or on your own…no cooking experience necessary, just a love of food and wine.

Hope you can join me! 


11am Saturday 1 June


3pm Sunday 2 June 


11am Saturday 7 September


3pm Sunday 8 September


11am Saturday 30 November


3pm Sunday 1 December


11am Saturday 11 January


3pm Sunday 12 January


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