Christmas Kilos…

Christmas Kilos…

We all have a Christmas wishlist, but what is not on that wishlist is a few extra kilos…


Here is a summary of some of the tips discussed on Episode 2 of the Foodcentric podcast – CHRISTMAS KILOS – with Foodcentric‘s Food Director, Naomi Crisante and nutritionist Melanie Ryan, from Nourishness.

Christmas time is one of our favourite times of the year, and a great time to share with family and friends, dress up a bit and go out but it is also a bit of a danger zone. With all that celebrating, imbibing and over-eating, it is easy to put on a few extra kilos.

It is important to enjoy the feast days, knowing that you may over-indulge a bit, but balance things out with these tips:

  • Be mindful of your choices across the period.
  • Don’t skip meals, stick to three regular meals but make the non-celebratory meals a little lighter (more salads, veggies, seafood).
  • Keep active – stick to your planned exercise and include more incidental activity like walking instead of taking the car, parking the car further away, taking the stairs, standing while doing other things.
  • Maintain regular sleep patterns, and take the odd ‘Nana Nap’ to catch up.
  • Watch alcohol intake as this adds to your overall kilojoules and gives you no other nutrients – have a glass of water for each glass of alcohol to pace yourself. Even mocktails can be high in kilojoules.
  • Be choiceful at All You Can Eat Buffets – select your own three course meal from the best quality dishes on offer rather than overloading your plate with everything.
  • Enjoy Christmas baking but keep it to one slice or one piece that you savour and enjoy (and maybe forgo that sugar in your tea or coffee as well?) …and share the love by giving others a batch of your home baked edible gifts!
  • After Christmas dinner, plan a walk or other fun activity to get everyone moving rather than that Christmas couch sleep.
  • It’s a great time of year to go for early morning walks or strolls after dinner to keep your body moving.
  • Ration the leftovers and use them across the next week in creative meals or even freeze them, rather than feeling pressured to eat them all at once and over-eat again.

After the festive season is over, get back on the wagon:

  • Plan heathy meals
  • Include movement in your day
  • Have regular sleep
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Control your portions

And most importantly, enjoy yourself this Christmas!

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HEREEpisode 2 – Christmas Kilos – Foodcentric Podcast

And in the spirit of everything in moderation…here’s a recipe for little fruit cakes with a Christmassy feel…


Little Macadamia Glace Fruit Cakes

Little Macadamia Glace Fruit Cakes

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