Creole Jambalaya…a real one pot wonder

Creole Jambalaya…a real one pot wonder

Creole Jambalaya

Although Creole and Cajun food is not really big in Australia, I have wonderful memories of our time in New Orleans where I dragged my husband from one food mecca to another for soft shell crab at Paul Prudhomme’s, beignets at Cafe du Monde, prawn po boys at a local diner and the famous muffuletta sandwich from the Central Grocery that was eaten on route to the airport.

When I cook Creole-style at home, one of my favourite one pot dishes is Jambalaya, the Creole/Cajun rice dish that is almost like a cross between paella and risotto. This is a recipe that I developed over 20 years ago now and it is rich with pork sausage, prawns and has a delicious smokiness from the bacon and  smoked paprika. In our book, it beats paella hands down in the flavour stakes!

Click here for the recipe for Creole Jambalaya.

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