Dulce de Leche…How sweet it is!

Dulce de Leche…How sweet it is!

I recently received a gorgeous package of Australian made Dulce de Leche that excited me so much, I pulled out a recipe I created over 7 years ago after a tango trip to Buenos Aires.

This Layered Alfajor Cake was inspired by the addictive Argentinian Alfajores biscuits – shortbreads sandwiched together with sweet, sticky dulce de leche. I originally designed it as a birthday cake for my Argentinian friend but most recently made it for my Mum’s 84th birthday. I think it would look amazing on the Easter or Christmas table too if you feel like baking.

Dulce de Leche, translates as ‘sweet of milk’…and is basically a milk jam that is slow cooked to a caramel. You can make it yourself, but it does take some careful watching to simmer and stir for 30-40 minutes… or…you can reach for a jar of store-bought DdL (my abbreviation) and spread to your hearts content.

Once you discover DdL – you will find myriad uses for its luscious caramel deliciousness…

* dollop into little tartlets
* spread onto puff pastry triangles, roll into crescents and bake
* spoon into the centre of chocolate muffins before baking
* slather onto pancakes, pikelets or crepes
* swirl onto the top of brownies before baking
* serve warm as a dip for churros or strawberries
* use on a sponge or chocolate cake filling or icing, for a fabulous celebration cake
* or …just eat it by the spoonful!

Here’s the recipe for my Alfajor Cake – just think of it as baking really big biscuits that are sandwiched together with a spread and whipped cream. It’s really not hard, just takes a little time to roll the biscuits and juggle them to bake in the oven. The biscuits can be made way in advance, but try to refrigerate the cake overnight so it softens enough to make cutting easier.

Espero que te guste…

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