Feast For The Senses…

Feast For The Senses…

Feast Of Merit is an example of what makes Melbourne’s restaurant scene so damn good, the best of an International cuisine tailored to the local market using our beautiful, bountiful produce.

Here you will find fantastic Middle Eastern food with a modern edge that is designed to share. It’s fresh, it’s beautifully presented and very convivial.

The decor of white washed brick, timber topped tables and hanging greenery brings you into a world of ease and opens your senses for the food to come.

We sat on the communal table and tucked into falafel, kofta and cauliflower with haloumi and a few fries on the side, for an easy going working lunch. It made us happy!

At dinnertime, the restaurant transforms with even more deliciousness…an assortment of mezze, slow roasted meats, baked fish, braised duck, exotic desserts.

From the outside, you would be forgiven for thinking this is just another smashed avocado cafe but it is more…

So much more.



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