Flavours of Argentina – Asado Melbourne

Flavours of Argentina – Asado Melbourne

ASADO Bar y Grill is the young cousin of restaurants San Telmo and Palermo.

It combines a vibrant, youthful feel with traditional style Latin American cuisine straight from the open fire pit and charcoal parilla.

I have visited several times, and most recently had a very special dinner there for the Melbourne Tango Circuit in the private dining area.

The mood, the service, the wine and the food are all top notch, combining great hospitality with food that is just made to share.

Crisp golden empanadas with a plump filling, delicate ceviche aromatically flavoured with fennel, superbly cooked steak served with house made chimichurri and salsa, and sweet and buttery handmade Alfajores, the dessert biscuit of Argentina sandwiched together with a thick layer of dulce de leche to finish off.

Drop in if you’d like to experience a bit of Buenos Aires right here in Melbourne town.


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