Being a food stylist is a curious job. You are at once a designer, a problem solver, a technician and a magician…

I returned to the studio for the first time this year, with Louis and Melanie, to produce a project for one of my favourite clients.

The process from brief to final image is a journey that starts with understanding the marketing objectives and being fully versed in the qualities of the product to then applying my design and styling skills, together with Lou’s magical photography, to create a striking image.

Today we played with our food…a cute little huddle of slider burgers…with the pickle as the hero.

Make no mistake, it’s a hard day’s work … on your feet all day, and knowing that the success of the shoot relies so much on what you produce, there is an underlying pressure.

But when you get the shot…and your client is happy, it’s a great feeling of satisfaction.

I am lucky to work with this great team, who always bring a positive vibe, buoying me to do my best.

Image making is a craft…

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