Funky Fusion… at Botherambo

Funky Fusion… at Botherambo

Botherambo is where Vietnam fuses with Thailand in the most delicious way.

It is one of our go to pre-event spots in Richmond, before a concert or a game, and each time the vibrancy of each dish never fails to excite.

I’m a sucker for betel leaves as a starter and their Mar Hor Pork is just so tasty and full of umami it is realllly hard to stop at one.

Their kingfish ceviche with flecks of lime, chili and coconut is always top notch, and the duck curry with plump lychees is rich and fruity. The bright eggplant dish, coconut rice and roti accompanied the duck as our shared main.

The $50 Feed Me menu is also great option if you just wanna sit back and relax, over a few of their crafted cocktails or a spritz.

Botherambo – named for Botherambo Street that it sits on the corner of – is the type of restaurant you only find in Australia. A funky fusion, just perfectly picked ingredients and smart drinks combined with that casual Aussie hospitality. One of THE places to eat in Richmond.

It’s a keeper…

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