Foodcentric…a way of life

Foodcentric…a way of life

Welcome to my food pages where I will be sharing a lifetime love of food, sharing and entertaining through my recipes, food images, cooking tips and experiences.

Like most food lovers, my food career began in my mother’s kitchen where the emphasis on cooking, creating and sharing was such a strong part of my childhood. Washing and picking over the spinach leaves in a water-filled sink, cracking open the walnuts in the brass mortar and pestle, chopping the parsley as fine as can be…small tasks but big memories of the importance of making something yourself for others.

So my life has always revolved around food – selecting it, cooking it and celebrating with it. No wonder I followed a career in food. As a food consultant, I have the wonderful job of creating something every day. Whether it is a new recipe, a beautiful image or some inspiring words on a page…it is always centred around food…the thing that sustains me, nurtures me and excites me.

So welcome to my Foodcentric world…where everything is delicious!

Naomi Crisante




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