In The Soup…

In The Soup…

It’s soup season…get out that big pot and get something bubbling on your stove!

If you can get your head into it, it’s a great time to make a big batch of stock. Just put beef or chicken bones in a large pot with hardy vegetables – like carrot, celery and onion – some flavourings such as peppercorns, bay leaf and even a little garlic. Season well and simmer for a few hours before straining. You can then keep it in the fridge for up to 5 days or freeze for later. It really is worth making if you have the time, otherwise, packaged stock is a convenient alternative and good for when you are making a small batch of soup.

Soup really can stretch the imagination if you let it. Here are some of my favourites. A creamy eggplant soup, a hearty spiced lentil meal-in-a-bowl and a light, flavoursome broth with plump tortellini floating in it.

The one tip I would add is make DOUBLE…because a good bowl of soup is always welcome, whether it’s for lunch, dinner or supper!


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