Just Duck It…

Just Duck It…

Christmas is almost here…and if you want to serve something special but you’re not up to roasting a whole turkey….then duck is the answer.

Duck is a very popular choice in a restaurant but people are often shy about cooking it at home. Honestly, if you can cook a roast a chook or panfry a chicken fillet, you can cook duck!

Here are a couple of favourites:

  • A full on duck confit that does need to be prepared the day before but then just needs a quick panfry to crisp it up on serving day. There’s a reason why every French bistro has it on the menu – it stores so well and can be flashily cooked to order.
  • Then a couple of stunning dishes featuring crisp skinned duck breast cooked to a blushing pink. My favoured method to cook them is to score and salt the skin and place them skin side down in a cold roasting dish, then cook until the skin is crisp (8-10 minutes), turn over and either finish on the stove or in the oven for another 5-10 minutes until the meat is springy. Rest it for 5 minutes then carve away.

Master cooking duck and you will always have an impressive but fast meal in your entertaining repetoire….


Photography: Louis Petruccelli

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