Lamb Lollipop Chops…

Lamb Lollipop Chops…

Oh, how I love lollipop chops! … aka lamb cutlets 🙂

Tender tasty morsels of lamb from the rib section come with a built in handle, and although they may be the most expensive lamb cut, they are so delicious, they are hard to resist.

Easy to grill, chargrill, bbq or pan fry, the main thing to note is that they cook quickly and you do not want to overcook them as they are best served with a pink juicy centre.

For a quick dinner, I prefer to just salt them before cooking and sear quickly on a smokin’ hot chargrill for just a few minutes on each side to get those appetising grill marks. Then I drizzle with lemon, extra virgin olive oil, greek oregano and freshly ground black pepper…which creates delectable drippings for soaking your bread into at the end of the meal!

Here are a few favourite ways to serve my favourite lamb chops…


Photography: Louis Petruccelli

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