Lazy Sunday Morning with Not Quite Eggs Benedict!

Lazy Sunday Morning with Not Quite Eggs Benedict!


You gotta love a lazy Sunday morning and with this cold weather, I am not one to go out for breakfast – I would rather make it at home myself in my pyjamas!

Today we started the day with soft poached eggs perched on sourdough toast and creamy avocado with a dollop of good quality mayonnaise and a crown of crispy prosciutto. So much simpler than making Eggs Benedict – no fussy hollandaise to deal with – but just as special.

I confess that poaching eggs has never been my strong suit – my better half is SO much better at it than me because he is much more patient! However, with a little practice and a few tips, anyone can master this skill.

Top Tips For Poaching Eggs:

  • Use a deep saucepan of boiling water and add at least 1 tablespoon vinegar.
  • Break egg into a small bowl.
  • Reduce water to a simmer and swirl before gently lowering the egg into the centre of the whirlpool.
  • Simmer for 2-3 minutes until done to your liking.
  • Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on absorbent paper or a spare piece of bread.

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