Mrs Potato Head…

Mrs Potato Head…


It’s no secret I am a Potato Head…

I love potatoes any which way – mashed, fried, roasted, sautéed, chipped, rosti, baked in their jackets or even plain boiled in a potato salad.

My husband does not share my passion for the humble spud despite the fact that his roots are from Abruzzo in Italy, a region known for its potatoes!

I have found few people that can resist a crisp roast potato fresh from the oven though, and to achieve this bite of golden deliciousness, you need to do a couple of things.

Firstly the type of potato is paramount. Choose floury or starchy potato varieties for a fluffy centred roast potato, rather than waxy ones which are better for boiling. I love the purple-skinned Royal Blues and King Edward (white with a pink blush) potatoes when I can find them, but have also had good success with the everyday white Sebago or pink Desiree. They are each a little different in taste and texture but I find they all roast well using this method.

After you have enlisted a helper to do all the peeling (!), cut them into quarters, add to a pot of boiling salted water and boil for 10 minutes, before draining.

Use a fork to rough up the surface of the potatoes to allow the oil to settle in and create a crispy texture.
You can let them sit at this stage, for up to a couple of hours, if needed, until you’re ready to roast.

Heat a good amount of olive oil – at least 1/2 cup for 1.5 kg potatoes  – in the roasting tray first, then toss in the potatoes, coating completely with oil and salting well before roasting at 200°C for around 40 minutes, shaking the pan occasionally, until they are crisp, crunchy and golden.

Pass the potatoes please…

P.S. Leftovers are great deep fried in hot oil the next day…for that hot chippie fix…


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