Mysterious Morocco

Mysterious Morocco

The mysteries of Morocco are waiting for the intrepid explorer to uncover in their own way and in their own time. It is a place one must visit at least once in a lifetime for the experience is one that will speak to all your senses.

Our journey from Tangier, to Chefchauoen (the blue city), Fez, Rabat and Marrakesh was so full of exotic sights, sounds and flavours, even though they each had their differences, it all melded into one glorious montage of memories.

The food of Morocco revolves around meat, grains and olives. You will find Moroccan barbeque meat stalls in every city and along the roadsides. Meat carcasses hang ready to be butchered to order, so your meat is as fresh as possible. Slowly simmered tagines of the day, wait to be mopped up with freshly baked flatbread.

Every souk, the marketplaces of Morocco, is a feast of abundant ingredients – mountains of olives, jars of preserved lemons, piles of couscous, rice and pasta, fresh baked breads, dried herbs and spices, and sticky sweets swarming with honeybees.

Here too, you can explore exotic foods – a fragrant stew of snails in a dark broth, a slow cooked tangia of meat cooked in an underground oven in a claypot in amongst the labyrinth of stalls selling everything from leathergoods, metalware, pottery and hand dyed fabrics.

There are monuments and historic sites to immerse yourself in, both night and day, in each city but I do recommend having a driver guide for your trip. While I usually manage and plan the itineraries for all my overseas travels, for this part of the world, I worked with Berber Treasures who are Morocco travel specialists and have very good contacts on the ground. It made our trip all the more magical!

I loved every second of this amazing place but for me, the experience of being welcomed into the home of a Moroccan family to share their traditional meal, a feast prepared out of a tiny kitchen with a small gas stove top, was the absolute highlight.

It’s no use researching too much in advance, or chasing other people’s restaurant recommendations in Morocco…you just have to go and experience it for yourself!

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