Pass the Pizza Please!

Pass the Pizza Please!

If there is one food that is really loved on a global level, it has to be the pizza.

The simplicity of it is stunning – a yeasty thin base topped with fruity tomato sauce and any number of ingredients, baked quickly and served piping hot. But, as we all know there is good pizza, not so good pizza…and well, there is great pizza!

I have eaten tons of pizza in Italy, USA and here at home – for research purposes, of course – and the thing that I come back to, particularly when I am making it at home, in my own oven, is to keep it thin and keep the toppings fresh and simple.

I honestly think you can’t go past a tomato based pizza with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil leaves to give you that ‘mmmmm’ factor, although I also love a mushroomy/porcini/truffle-y pizza topping too.

The good news is, that if you consider the pizza base your canvas, you can paint whatever culinary artwork you like. And get the family or your friends involved for a make-your-own Pizza Party…that’s always fun!

Here is my preferred pizza base recipe to make 4 regular pizzas. You will find it is sticky and just needs stretching directly onto the trays. Get to know your oven too, and if the underside needs more browning, drop it to the base of the oven for a few minutes to crisp up.

I also sometimes par-bake some bases that I can freeze for use in my benchtop pizza oven for that quick pizza fix, so it’s worth making extra.

With these days of home deliveries, I know it’s easy to dial up a pretty good pizza, but nothing beats it fresh outta the oven, particularly if you have made it with your own hands!


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