QT’ Kitchen Vietnamese Restaurant – Melbourne

QT’ Kitchen Vietnamese Restaurant – Melbourne

A little quirky but cosy at the same time, this surprising Vietnamese restaurant in the middle of the burbs actually delivers on food, service and ambience in one hit.

We dropped in for a light Sunday dinner and grazed on Duck San Choi Bao, Grilled Chicken Rice Paper Rolls, Soft Shell Crab with Vietnamese Slaw, Fried Chicken Wings in Tamarind Sauce and Pork Belly Bao.

Food was fast and fresh, with all the balanced flavours, colour and crunch you expect from Vietnamese cuisine; service was friendly and the place had a nice vibe with a buzzing kitchen and happy diners of all ages.

The cocktail and wine list are well suited to the menu and I’m pretty happy I’ve found another local Vietnamese that spins my wheels.

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