Recipes are made to be shared and when I create one I always hope that the next person to make it will love it as much as I did.  Cooking is more than sustenance, it is a chance to create something beautiful that excites the taste buds and an opportunity to gather people to you to enjoy it.  I add new recipes all the time, so drop in regularly to see the latest offerings.  Happy cooking!

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A creamy chowder with plump mussels and chunky vegetables served with garlicky toasts.

When you have some leftover roast and veggies, or a casserole, the clever thing to do is to turn them into sausage rolls, with the help of some handy puff pastry sheets, and a little imagination. I call these Rollovers (or sometimes Do-Overs!).

A bed of butter beans and diced root vegetables topped with chicken thighs flavoured with lemon, fennel and paprika make an easy dinner.