Retro Classic Revisited

Retro Classic Revisited

Going through my old recipe collection certainly fills me with that sweet feeling of nostalgia. So many delicious tastes across a lifetime!

I especially love revisiting an old classic and freshening it up with a bit of a makeover, and here is one of my retro faves – the good ol’ Apricot Nectar Cheesecake from the Women’s Weekly Test Kitchen circa 1980s.

It was one of the desserts I loved to make. Crushing those Marie biscuits, softening the Philly cream cheese, mixing in the Berri Apricot Nectar – it really was an example of a great product promoting recipe, that’s for sure. Funny that I went on to become a recipe developer myself, working at highlighting a product’s benefits into cooking applications.

So in making it again this century (!), I have used store-bought Anzac biscuits in the crumb, together with some toasted almonds for a nutty crunch, and set it into a wide round fluted tart tin so it’s more elegant than a big fat cheesecake. I also sometimes make it in a long rectangular fluted tart tin which looks great and slices oh so easily.

The creamy filling is still the same, and I love it because the addition of the fruity nectar lightens it somewhat so it is not as rich as the average unbaked cheesecake.

So here I present my Anzac Apricot Cheesecake Tart!



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