Already 13 years old, RUMI on the edgy Brunswick East end of Lygon St, is one of Melbourne’s most marvellous modern middle eastern restaurants.

The vibe is warm and welcoming from the Make Food Not War script at the entrance to the good natured staff and cozy atmosphere inside.

This is the best sort of share food – from small meze to larger share platters and a good charcoal grill selection and vegetable dishes that will satisfy all the veg-heads…

Start with a Pomegranate cocktail then don’t miss the creamy Almond Taratoor to dip your pide into and crunch into the golden Sigara – filo fingers filled with three cheese served piping hot.

The poached veal dish, cooked in yogurt wit peas and mint is absolutely delicious with the vibrant fattoush served on the side.

Just two of us this time, for a quick weekday dinner but I will be back with a whole group of us soon…wanna come?


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