Smoked Salmon…a touch of luxury

Smoked Salmon…a touch of luxury

If there is one ingredient that says ‘luxury’, surely it is smoked salmon.

I love everything about it from its beaming rosy pink colour and rippling texture, to the way it drapes so beautifully into elegant folds, its street cred as a lean but high quality protein source and, of course, its delicate but distinctive taste.

Couple this with the fact that great smoked salmon is readily available and has such a long refrigerated life thanks to modern packaging technology, and it means that I can easily make something stunning in minutes so I always have some in the fridge.

  • Partner it with brie and pop it on a bagel for brekkie or lunch.
  • Drape it over a potato salad to give it a touch of glam.
  • Or toss it through a pasta for a last minute dish with wow factor.

It’s so easy to add a little oomph with…


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