To cook or not to cook…

To cook or not to cook…

It has always been interesting to me to observe how a person becomes a ‘good cook’. Cooking on the scale of things is not really difficult, it is a series of processes that produces a final result. If you are organised and careful it is likely that the result will be a good one.

I believe that in everyone’s life there is a defining moment that shapes whether they will become a cook or not. It may be when you are a child and you make something – say cupcakes. Depending on the final result, you may be met with one of two reactions. If they don’t work, chances are you will be branded with ‘you can’t cook’. If they do work, the delight you create coupled with the praise you attract is likely to hook you for life. So you do it again, cooking, creating and presenting something to generate that warm and fuzzy ‘wow’ moment for someone in your life.

The good news is, even if you got off to a bad start, it is not too late. Cooking is simply about practice. Try a simple recipe and once you have mastered it, the basic principles will apply to other dishes. You will build skill through trial and error and practice, practice, practice.

Trying out a new recipe is an investment of your time, money and reputation but it is more than that. When you cook for someone, it is an act of love.

There is a really good reason why heirloom recipes like Mum’s Sunday roast or Grandma’s famous cake are legendary…it’s because they have had decades to perfect them!

So give yourself the time and the space to learn to cook well and before you know it, you’ll be the one that everyone knows as a ‘good cook’.

Happy Cooking!

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