Twelve Tips for Making Cooking at Home an Event

Twelve Tips for Making Cooking at Home an Event

Like it or not, the current restrictions have turned us all into homebodies but that doesn’t mean cooking and eating at home has to be boring.  Here are my tips to making cooking at home an event:

  • New Recipe  – try and cook something you have never cooked before or why not develop your own twist on a recipe? Who knows, it could become your next signature dish.
  • Take It In Turns – give everyone a chance to become the chef!
  • Make it Special – set the table special or in true restaurant-style for home delivered meals. Use flowers, candles, coloured napkins or assorted crockery for fun. Get the kids to decorate placemats on A4 paper or set the table with paper that can be decorated into an artwork with paint, crayons or coloured pencil. And don’t forget to dress for dinner on the weekend!
  • A Different Setting – dine in a different part of the house – on cushions around the coffee table, a picnic on your front lawn, breakfast on the balcony or even just move the dining table to a different spot.
  • Make A Playlist – make up a themed playlist to suit your food mood or listen to one of mine on Spotify (search Foodcentric and you’ll find my a few of my personal food inspired playlists)
  • Aperitivo Time – make a regular time between 5-7pm for a little aperitivo, antipasto or some tapas, either with your housemates or tee up a time with a friend online. It is a great way to finish off the day’s work and wind down before preparing dinner.
  • DIY Cooking Show – why not cook your dinner like it’s a cooking show? Involve the kids or your online mates and have some fun sharing what you love to cook.
  • Cook Out – have a campfire in the backyard and cook out under the stars, or try and cook a complete dinner on the bbq – think bbq meats, chargrilled vegetables, toasted breads.
  • Toastie Time – challenge your family and friends as to who can come up with the best or most bizarre toastie combinations.
  • D.I.Y. Pizza Party or Mexican – gather your housemates for D.I.Y Mexican tacos/tostadas/burritos or a pizza party and get everyone to choose their own toppings.
  • Get Baking – brush up on your baking skills and fill the cookie jar with home made treats for extra special coffee breaks during work hours.
  • Virtual Dinner Party – decide on a menu you can all cook with your online friends and have a virtual dinner party complete with matched wine.

With just a little innovative thinking, mealtimes at home can easily become something to look forward to rather than a chore.

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