What To Do With Zoodles!

What To Do With Zoodles!

There seems to be oodles of zoodles around at the moment, and though they fit neatly into the gap for those that want a pasta alternative, I love them because they are a super quick veggie variation to add to the repertoire.

And they really do turn the cumbersome looking zucchini into something rather elegant!

You can easily make them yourself by investing in a spiraliser or simply cutting them into long, fine julienne – that’s really all they are.

Supermarket packets suggest the microwave to cook them, but I really prefer a quick flashy sauté in the pan. Just enough to soften them without them losing their brilliant green colour.

Once you have discovered them, you will want to use them in everything!

Here are a few thought starters:

  • Substitute for pasta in a creamy carbonara
  • Toss with spring onions, peas, spinach leaves and fresh herbs for a beautiful bowl of green
  • Blanch briefly, refresh, drain and toss in a salad
  • Use instead of noodles in a stir fry
  • Add to a chicken broth for a simple soup
  • Toss with seafood marinara mix and lots of garlic and a squeeze of lemon
  • Sauté with a little pesto and some cherry tomatoes
  • Add to leftover soups, stews and casseroles to give them a burst of freshness

My latest Zoodle recipe is flavoured with cherry tomatoes, olives and feta and was inspired by my daughter’s hankering for a healthy zoodle dish. We topped them with panfried chicken fillets for a very delicious midweek meal. Click below for the recipe!


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