food communication

A word or two from my clients..

“Passionate, tenacious, creative and inspiring. That’s Naomi. When those qualities are brought into contact with food in any shape or form, something magic happens. In my time working with Naomi she made me think of food differently – she made the complex simple, the boring fun and the bland exquisite. She has a great ability to create connections be it with people, functions, disciplines or ideas to deliver a plan or a new way forward. I watch in fascination as she continues to do this with amazing gravitas 20 years on”.

Nikki Adamo – Global Business Unit Director, Nestlé

“What a great choice we made when appointing Naomi Crisante as our food stylist when updating our foodservice website. It was like working with an old friend from the moment we discussed our initial plans. Her knowledge about food pairing, her attention to detail and her passion in her work are only a few character traits that ensured a successful outcome. Her work as a recipe developer and food stylist is outstanding and Naomi has now become a pivotal member of our team”

Carolyn Plummer –  Riviana Foodservice Marketing

“It’s always a pleasure working with Naomi. Her passion and many years of experience working with food really shine through in her styling choices. Naomi worked on countless shoots with us as part of the Always Fresh brand relaunch and beyond and has been instrumental in taking our brand imagery to the next level. I highly recommend Naomi’s services, we think she’s one of the best in the biz!”.

Natalie Wharton – Brand Manager, Always Fresh

“Naomi is more than a foodie. Yes, she has great knowledge, skill and passion in all things food, but she also has a great understanding of brands. She knows precisely where the emotional hooks reside and she is the master in assisting clients to unlock those hooks.

We had the pleasure of sharing a major client in the dairy industry, and Naomi’s ability to transform their voice to the market from purely product orientated to one of passionate artisan and knowledge sharer was done with both feel and science.

Naomi elevates the thinking, and she does it with an unbelievable energy and zest ”.

Peter Singline – Brand Man, Singline & Co, Brand Strategists

“Whatever the brief may be, Naomi always brings her passion, style and expertise to deliver above and beyond expectations. Whether it be photography shoots, PR events, or education sessions; Naomi’s creative flair brings that little extra something to make the good; great and the mundane; fun.It’s such a joy to work with someone who clearly loves what they do and it’s all thanks to Naomi that I developed a new appreciation for food!”.

Justina Ong – Brand Manager, Lion