Olive Time

Olive Time

Being stuck in lockdown meant it was a great time to preserve the olives that are produced by my father-in-law’s bountiful tree. They are little kalamata olives that we have to be patient for, as we watch them ripen from green to black, and vigilant too, so the birds don’t get to them before we do!  As you can see by the pic, they are a mix of green and black this time. The next batch that is still on the tree will be more totally black.
The process itself is not difficult, but it does take time and a little planning.

You will need to have collected jars for bottling, and have a big clean bucket for soaking them. You can make the brine in advance so you can bottle them when you are ready.

The most time consuming part is splitting these little babies but it’s one of those mindless tasks you can do while watching TV (me, I put on my favourite podcast and sit on my kitchen stool and stare out the window while prepping them!).
Then they need to be soaked daily in water for at least a week, changing the water daily. This reduces bitterness.
After that they are bottled with a vinegar brine and my signature blend of garlic and spice.
Now the waiting game begins as they really need to mature for at least 3 months before cracking the jar open.
You’ll find my recipe for Spiced Garlic Olives on foodcentric.com.au here.



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