Practice What You Teach

Practice What You Teach

I think I have always been a teacher at heart.

As a littlie, my dollies would be my pupils, and as a tween, I was the one that would gather my young cousins at family get togethers, and sit them in front of a blackboard to keep them occupied.

In later years, I revelled in the responsibility of keeping the girl guide troop under my care focused and inspired with new and challenging activities.

As a manager, I loved to develop my team members through mentoring, encouragement and example, and I continue to have strong relationships with some of those colleagues to this very day.

Nowadays, my students are the enthusiastic foodies that join my cooking classes, keen to learn a new trick or two, try a new taste or technique. I love these sessions, and nothing gives me more of a kick as when someone proudly sends me a pic of a dish they have successfully created or comes up to me after class beaming with joy from the experience . It tells me that I am doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do…to educate and inspire.

I think back to the teachers that have shaped me. At school, university and in my various adult adventures, in music, choir, dance, and, my beloved tango. Those that coupled their deep knowledge with a genuine love of imparting it, and seeing another grow, were the ones that sunk into my bones, inspiring me to be better and to do more.

In these Covid days, I think about the school teachers who have been working so tirelessly to still maintain a steady learning environment for their students, at a very unsteady time. Being agile and innovative in their approach to learning and teaching, trying to cut through the barriers of technology, distance and time constraints. They bear the responsibility of nurturing our future leaders and helping them develop fully on their journey to adulthood. It’s such important work that may not attract fame or fortune, but the capacity to impact change on a one-on-one level is huge.

So I thank my teachers, I recognise those that continue to teach with enthusiasm while working through all the barriers that can dampen it and, most importantly, I thank my students for being open to what I have to give and for reminding me what my purpose in life is.

Let’s all continue to grow…


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