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I think I have always been a teacher at heart. As a littlie, my dollies would be my pupils, and as a tween, I was the one that would gather my young cousins at family get togethers, and sit them in front of a blackboard to keep them occupied. In later years, I revelled in [...]

Olive Time

🫒 OLIVE TIME…   Being stuck in lockdown meant it was a great time to preserve the olives that are produced by my father-in-law’s bountiful tree. They are little kalamata olives that we have to be patient for, as we watch them ripen from green to black, and vigilant too, so the birds don’t get [...]

I love that moment when the pasta tumbles into the bubbling pot, quickly starting to soften within minutes as I stir it. Cooking pasta and noodles is universally one of those things that most people learn to cook early in life. In many ways it is a simple process, but there are a few DOs [...]

Now that we are in the cooler months, I thought we could do some slow cooking together...on Sundays!

🇫🇷 BONJOUR!   Next week is definitely going to be a little bit French…   Not only is it Bastille Day on the 14th but we will be having our very own French celebration when the wonderful Gabriel Gaté drops in to our Cook-Along on Thursday.   Just think…a délicieux French dinner of French Style [...]

Crisp Skin Fish with Capers, Pine Nuts and Garlic Spinach

There are loads of good reasons to eat more fish. Nutritionally, it's a high protein, low fat food rich in omega three that ticks so many boxes as a good food choice. It is really quick to cook when you know how and we are really spoilt for choice for quality fish here in Australia both deep sea and freshwater varieties - we are surrounded by water, after all!

🔥 🔥 🔥 HOT NEWS! Guess who is dropping in to our Cook-Along on Thurs 16th July? The one and only Gabriel Gate! We are going to cook up a fabulous French Style Roast Chicken with Cauliflower Au Gratin and Salade Verte. I can’t wait to cook alongside this industry legend again, as we did [...]

It's versatile, it's inexpensive, easy to cook and readily available. What's not to love about mince? But not all minces are equal, so here are my Top 10 Tips for making the most of mince:

How Crumby…

How to crumb schnitzel. Crumbed Pistachio Pork Schnitzel recipe.