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Be Prepared…

I don’t really know how to begin this post. We are in the middle of a global crisis that has escalated so quickly and we are all spinning. Life is changing, and some things may never be the same, but the need to nourish ourselves, both physically and emotionally, always will be. Without going into [...]

Wondering what happens at one of my classes? I run small group classes in the heart of my home that are really a complete food experience. You will learn and cook alongside me, and get to share everything we make at my table, with fine wine from Scotchmans Hill. No matter what the topic, I [...]

I always have puff pastry sheets in my freezer. They are my ‘go to’ for whipping up a quick sweet or making the most of leftovers.  In no time at all I can make a fruit tart, mille feuille or little palmiers to serve with coffee. Also, the remnants of last night’s dinner can be [...]

Menu Planning

We are in the thick of the entertaining part of the year, and it always coincides when we are at our busiest, doesn’t it? Somehow we have to juggle work commitments, end of year functions, gift shopping, housework and event planning, and maintain our own energy and enthusiasm at the same time. For me, the [...]

BBQ Beef Steaks with Garlic Oregano Mushrooms

Summer is here…and it’s time to fire up the barbie! While ‘Great Australian Sausage Sizzles’ will no doubt be taking off at your local mega-hardware store at this time of year, when it comes to throwing something on the barbeque, you really can’t go past a good steak. My recipe for BBQ Beef Steaks with [...]

Christmas always comes early at my place, as I plan my Christmas menu way in advance especially for my Foodcentric Christmas Cooking Class. For me, Christmas is really is a chance to celebrate and feast with the best produce I can lay my hands on – sushi grade salmon, plump Queensland king prawns, free range [...]

Haloumi Fritters with Tomato and Mint

A fresh hot batch of fritters are a wonderful thing to whip up for breakfast, brunch or a tasty passaround. The ingredients for these Haloumi Zucchini Fritters are easily mixed together and then spoonfuls are dolloped into the pan to sizzle to golden deliciousness. Serve them as little bites with a dollop of salsa or [...]

ASADO Bar y Grill is the young cousin of restaurants San Telmo and Palermo. It combines a vibrant, youthful feel with traditional style Latin American cuisine straight from the open fire pit and charcoal parilla. I have visited several times, and most recently had a very special dinner there for the Melbourne Tango Circuit in [...]


Already 13 years old, RUMI on the edgy Brunswick East end of Lygon St, is one of Melbourne’s most marvellous modern middle eastern restaurants. The vibe is warm and welcoming from the Make Food Not War script at the entrance to the good natured staff and cozy atmosphere inside. This is the best sort of [...]