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Nectarine Upside Down Cake

I’m back to baking and get really excited when new season stone fruit hits the market, so here is my luscious Upside Down Cake recipe made with fresh nectarines. This is a recipe my Mum gave me and she used to use canned apricot halves and tuck walnut halves in between the apricots. I make [...]

I’ve been lucky to be travelling in Greece and one staple here that I never tire of is the Greek Salad. It’s a dish that should be in every cook’s repertoire because it goes equally well with meat or seafood and is also excellent as a light meal in itself. There is much debate on [...]

Super Sponge

Basic Sponge Cake

You don’t have to be a card carrying member of the Country Women’s Association to be able to knock up a beaut home baked sponge cake. There are plenty of recipes to choose from …..cornflour sponges…separated sponges….egg yolk sponges….some with a little melted butter…but if you are new to baking, or simply time poor like [...]

So savvy. That’s Union House. A gentrified pub space downstairs serving easy going yet polished food pumps with energy from noon til night, with an exuberant crowd on the weekend evenings. And for those that relish good conversation, there is a more sedate dining room upstairs for full table service. Both are working off a [...]

Feast Of Merit is an example of what makes Melbourne’s restaurant scene so damn good, the best of an International cuisine tailored to the local market using our beautiful, bountiful produce. Here you will find fantastic Middle Eastern food with a modern edge that is designed to share. It’s fresh, it’s beautifully presented and very [...]

Perfect Pancakes

Making pancakes together is guaranteed to bring out the warm fuzzies, isn’t it? It’s often one of the first things we cook together with our kids. The magic of how a runny batter turns into golden, fluffy bites of yumminess appeals to their natural sense of wonder. And when you top them with sweet syrups, [...]


There seems to be oodles of zoodles around at the moment, and though they fit neatly into the gap for those that want a pasta alternative, I love them because they are a super quick veggie variation to add to the repertoire. And they really do turn the cumbersome looking zucchini into something rather elegant! [...]

Taking Stock

Making Chicken Stock

Yeh, I know…life’s too short to make your own stock. Right? It’s SO much easier to reach for a packet from the supermarket to toss into your soups or stews. I agree, it’s VERY convenient, and yes, I do use them myself sometimes. BUT Whenever I take the time to make my own stock, I [...]

Pizza Napoletana-style

If there is one food that is really loved on a global level, it has to be the pizza. The simplicity of it is stunning – a yeasty thin base topped with fruity tomato sauce and any number of ingredients, baked quickly and served piping hot. But, as we all know there is good pizza, [...]