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I recently received a gorgeous package of Australian made Dulce de Leche that excited me so much, I pulled out a recipe I created over 7 years ago after a tango trip to Buenos Aires. This Layered Alfajor Cake was inspired by the addictive Argentinian Alfajores biscuits – shortbreads sandwiched together with sweet, sticky dulce [...]

Gathering people together to share beautiful food is one of my favourite things to do. I think that is why I was put on this earth. That’s why, my very first series of Foodcentric Cooking Classes was dubbed Foodcentric Gathering. What a thrill it was to run these events in my home for the very [...]

More than a cooking class, Foodcentric Gathering is a complete food experience. Join food stylist, writer and presenter, Naomi Crisante, for an exclusive cooking class in her own home. Naomi will present a selected menu of eight of her seasonal recipes that are designed to inspire and will teach you all the tricks of the [...]

If you wanna turn heads, then creating a magnificent cheese tower centrepiece for your special event, is the thing to do. Not only are they impressive, but they are surprisingly easy to assemble and once you have displayed and ‘cut the cake’ you can dismantle it onto a cheeseboard to serve as a cheese course. [...]

Foodcentric- Hand and flour on bench

There is great power in being able to cook. I’m not talking about dominance or strength, but rather the ability to shape what and how you eat, and then who you eat it with. When you have at least a few basic cooking skills under your belt, those three meals a day become less of [...]

Muffin Madness

Let’s face it…a muffin is just an excuse to eat cake at any time of the day… Brekkie, lunch, playtime, afternoon tea…just coz you’ve got the munchies…because your pet fish died…any reason really. They are quick to mix up, cook quickly and always make you feel good when you have a batch of them sitting [...]

Lamb Lollipop Chops…

Haloumi Lamb Cutlets with Roast Capsicum in Cos Leaves

Oh, how I love lollipop chops! … aka lamb cutlets 🙂 Tender tasty morsels of lamb from the rib section come with a built in handle, and although they may be the most expensive lamb cut, they are so delicious, they are hard to resist. Easy to grill, chargrill, bbq or pan fry, the main [...]

A Menu For Lovers…

Cooking for someone you love, is a powerful way to show them your feelings without words. That simple act of creating something to make someone else feel good by putting in your time and creativity is always appreciated. Whether or not you subscribe to the idea of Valentine’s Day or not, my Lovers Menu is [...]

Centrestage Salads

Smoked Chicken and Swiss Caesar Salad

It’s still salad season and there is something that just makes you feel really good about sitting down to a beautiful bowl of fresh ingredients. These salad recipes are more than a side, they take centre stage as a meal in themselves as they each feature a substantial protein like meat or fish. They are [...]