Crumbly Comfort Food

Crumbly Comfort Food

When it comes to food, crumbly is good! It is textured and often crunchy and is very sensory on the tongue. That’s why a good old fashioned Crumble is one of Winter’s most loved comfort foods.

Softly cooked fruit with a crunchy topping so you get that textural contrast, and if you add a little cream or ice cream, the package is complete.

The main technique you need to get right, is called Rubbing In. That’s the process of incorporating the butter into the dry ingredients. It really is best to use your fingers for this task. Pinching and rubbing the butter and the dry mix together between only your fingertips. Don’t use your whole hand as it is too hot and the butter may soften too much, creating a globby mess. Then, you can sprinkle the mix over the fruit and bake away.

My Apple Crumble recipe features a burst of raspberrries, for their gorgeous splash of colour and to remind me of the warmer months but really, once you have mastered a crumble, you can make it your own by changing up the fruit like this:

  • Apple and Blueberry
  • Pear and Pomegranate
  • Quince and Ginger
  • Rhubarb and Apple
  • Peach and Passionfruit
  • Apple and Date

I could go on…but best you get yourself some apples and get stuck into this instead!


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