Muffin Madness

Muffin Madness

Let’s face it…a muffin is just an excuse to eat cake at any time of the day…

Brekkie, lunch, playtime, afternoon tea…just coz you’ve got the munchies…because your pet fish died…any reason really.

They are quick to mix up, cook quickly and always make you feel good when you have a batch of them sitting proudly on your bench!

My Marvellous Muffin recipe is a great base recipe that you can adapt to different flavours on a whim and it is super easy coz it uses olive oil so you don’t even need to melt butter and it is easily hand mixed in a bowl to minimise the wash up.

I’ve also included my luscious Choc Cherry Devil’s Food Muffins for the chocaholics amongst us, and a really tasty savoury muffin just to balance things out a bit 🙂

Be smart and make a double batch to freeze some – individually wrapped in plastic wrap and enclosed in a freezer bag – and you will always have a home baked treat to pop in the lunchbox or devour with a cuppa.


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