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Upside-down Apricot and Pistachio Cake

There is nothing like this cake when it is served freshly baked, with it's buttery body and the tang of fresh apricots. This is based on my Mum's recipe and the first taste always brings out the little girl in me!
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Nutella Tiramisu

As simple as this dessert is to make, its deliciousness relies on the use of Pandoro - a festive Italian yeast-leavened cake - similar to brioche, which can be used instead. You can, also substitute sponge cake.
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Pandoro Dessert Cups

This recipe was designed to make use of a large store-bought Italian-style Pandoro (festive sponge cake), which I turned into dessert cups in a variety of flavours - lemon curd & almond, coffee & nutella and strawberry, custard & coconut, to feed a crowd.
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Lamington Birthday Cake

This recipe makes two large slab cakes that can be cut into any shape to make a birthday cake. Here I turned it into a 50th birthday cake using both raspberry and chocolate glazes. You can easily halve the recipe.
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